EDI Messages

EDI Messages: Product, Artwork Content, Application, Cash Today we’ll tell you about some specific EDI messages. They are not so popular as Purchase order or Invoice, however, some of them are of a high importance for definite vendors. The rules are regulated by GS1 organization. Product Recall Notification The Product Recall Notification message notifies involved Read More →

EDI Webinars 2021

EDI Webinars 2021 Schedule and Best Dates Choose an EDI training that suites your needs best. Let us know, and we will send you the prices and registration information. Previous attendees are very happy with our webinars. Check out our reviews. Your Benefits Live webinars. You have the opportunity to consult with an expert that has implemented EDI Read More →

EDI Vendors

Kingfisher New EDI Vendors Guide Trading with Kingfisher is only possible via EDI, either through direct exchange of EDI messages or via  Web EDI Portal. Exchange of documents such as orders and invoices via email, fax or paper is not possible. Vendors must prepare for electronic trading with each Kingfisher Banner individually. EDI is Kingfisher’s main platform for exchange Read More →

Kingfisher EDI Invoice

Kingfisher EDI Invoice Requirements EDI is the main platform for exchange of documents in the form of EDI messages and will normally be used by all vendors who receive orders from the Kingfisher. Find below Kingfisher EDI Invoice Requirements. EDI Invoice NAD+BY and NAD+DP should be same as in the PO The PO line item number should be Read More →

Kingfisher EDI: Purchase Order

Kingfisher EDI: Purchase Order And Dispatch Advice The post contains the information required to prepare for the introduction or development of electronic trading with Kingfisher – Purchase Order And Dispatch Advice transactions. Electronic Trading (EDI) is standard procedure in some Kingfisher Banners. ORDERS (Purchase Order) For DSV PO, NAD+DP will be a virtual GLN. For Castorama France, it Read More →

Kingfisher Electronic Trading

  Kingfisher Electronic Trading With Vendors Electronic Trading (EDI) is standard procedure in some Kingfisher Banners. This will be extended by the roll out of Kingfisher’s new computer platform. This requires: Vendors who communicate currently via email/fax to transition to electronic trading. Vendors who currently trade with Kingfisher electronically to ensure their systems can communicate Read More →

EDI Transport Instruction

Transport Instruction EDI Message The main objective of the Transport Instruction is to communicate the arrangements (through the agreed conditions) of the movement of the goods (including collection and delivery) between all parties involved and providing the information necessary to perform the handling of the goods. The Transport Instruction will be sent by the Logistic Read More →

EDI Message Requirements

Transport Capacity EDI Message Requirements In the Transport Capacity Requirements message the Logistic Services Buyer will define their transportation capacity requirements by developing a forecast based on aggregated demand covering extended periods of time. (i.e. product/order forecasts are rolled up and extended to shipment forecasts). These requirements should take into consideration seasonality, promotions, production capacities, Read More →

EDI Logistics

Transport Capacity Booking EDI Message Transport Capacity Booking is the process to reserve space for estimated consignments or shipments. Typically the booking process covers a period of less than a week prior to actual shipments covered by capacity booking moving through the Logistics Network. The Logistic Services Buyer will send transport capacity booking requests to Read More →


Redwood Logistics EDI Explanained EDI has been around since the early 1960s where it was first used to send cargo information between the chemical company Du Pont and Chemical Leahman Tank Lines.  EDI’s use grew as businesses realized the efficiency gains through exchanging information electronically.  By 1982, companies like Ford and General Motors began requiring Read More →