EDI GTIN Barcode

Do it Best Corp. Barcoding Standards: GTIN UCC-12 /UCC-13 /UCC-8 Do it Best Corp. supports four different barcode symbologies. The point-of-sale symbologies are the UCC-12 (UPC Version A or E) and the EAN (International Article Numbering), EAN/UCC-8 and EAN/UCC-13. GTIN UCC-12 (UPC-E) UPC-E is a variation of UPC-A which allows for a more compact barcode by eliminating Read More →

EDI barcoding

Do it Best Corp. Supported Symbologies for Barcoding Success in barcoding depends on cooperation between vendors, Do it Best Corp., and members. Some Do it Best Corp. members have been scanning for a number of years, even though up to this point no mandate has been made requiring vendors to comply with GS1 (Uniform Code Council Read More →

Barcoding EDI

Do it Best Corp. Barcoding Non-Compliance and Exceptions The only items exempt from this policy are products that must be acted upon quickly in response to needs at retail or items that cannot be physically coded. Exceptions will be evaluated on an individual basis and must be approved by the Merchandise Manager or the Vice-President of Purchasing. Read More →

Barcoding Standards

Do it Best Corp. Barcoding Standards The use of scanning at all supply chain levels is a key element toward success in the future. For this reason, Do it Best Corp. either requires or encourages barcodes at each packaging level. Checklist of Barcode Requirements Do it Best Corp. requires that all vendors provide: products which Read More →