Barcoding EDI

Do it Best Corp. Barcode General Mission Through the use of barcodes, it is the Do it Best Corp. mission to gain efficiencies which will increase profitability and enhance the competitive edge of Do it Best Corp., Do it Best Corp. members, and vendors. To obtain this mission, the retailer has set the following GOALS: Achieve Read More →


Do it Best Corp. Barcode Requirements Do it Best Corp. requires 2 types of barcodes depending on the salability of the product and packaging being used. UPC Codes UPC Codes are used for the actual selling units. All selling units are required to be marked with the product code (GTIN) in a readable bar code. The Read More →

Do it Best EDI 855

Do it Best Corp. EDI 855 Transaction Requirements All vendors utilizing EDI functionality are required to provide complete and accurate EDI 855 transactions back to Do it Best Corp. EDI 855’s (purchase order acknowledgements) provide origin pick up location information and approved shipment data to subsequently be routed to destination. The 855 acknowledges the receipt Read More →

Do it best EDI Logistics

Do it Best EDI Logistics and Shipping Requirements EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the primary functionality used by Do it Best Corp. for business to business purchase information exchange. Vendors are required to have EDI functionality either on premise or via a third party provider. EDI Mapping Requirements are provided to Do it Best Corp. vendors Read More →