EDI Transaction Relationships

EDI Transaction Relationships In Merchandise Using VICS Guide The buyer can use two documents to facilitate the planning process: the Planning Schedule with Release Capability (830) is used to provide forecasts of expected demand to the supplier, either for informational purposes or as an actual request for trade items; the Request for Quotation (840) is used to request Read More →

VICS EDI training

The impact of EDI and VICS on business EDI, and VICS EDI specifically, is a vital tool available to every business. Electronic interchange of intercompany and intracompany data increases efficiency and productivity and can profoundly affect a company’s business practices and traditions. EDI cannot be viewed as strictly a technical activity as it impacts many areas of an organization. Read More →

EDI qualifier codes

Date And Time Qualifier Codes In EDI Transactions In Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions, date and time qualifier codes are used to specify the type of date or time being referenced in a document. These codes help to standardize the communication of date and time information across different business processes and systems. Here are some Read More →

Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Managing the financial transactions in the healthcare industry The Revenue Cycle in the healthcare industry refers to the entire process of managing the financial transactions related to patient care from the initial appointment or encounter with a healthcare provider to the final payment of the balance. It encompasses all administrative and clinical functions that contribute Read More →