276 Healthcare Claim Status Request

X212 Claim Status Request EDI Transaction The 276 X212 – Claim Status Request transaction is a standardized electronic data interchange transaction used in the healthcare industry, particularly within the United States, for querying the status of healthcare claims. This transaction is part of the ANSI X12 EDI standards, which define the structure and format for exchanging various Read More →

275 X211 HIPAA

275 X211 – Patient Information: Definition and Usage The 275 X211 – Patient Information transaction is a standardized electronic document used for exchanging patient information between healthcare providers, payers, and other entities involved in the healthcare industry via EDI. This transaction set is part of the ANSI X12 EDI standards, which are widely used in Read More →

HIPAA (Health Care EDI)

HIPAA (Health Care EDI) Training Courses Schedule Whether you are new to EDI or have years of experience, EDI Academy has a webinar for everyone. Our attendees can join from their remote locations while still enjoying the advantages of instructor and classmate interactions. After completing all the webinars and mapping exercises, you can become a Certified EDI Read More →

824 (X186A1)

824 (X186A1) Electronic Data Interchange Transaction Definition and Usage The EDI transaction 824 is used to communicate the status of an application, including any errors or discrepancies found during the processing of the application. In business and supply chain contexts, the 824 transaction is typically used by a receiver (such as a trading partner or a Read More →