EDI Supply Chain Solutions Role For Managing Products Supply Processes EDI Supply Chain Solutions and Supply Chain Management in most cases may not be connected directly. So what is the relationship between EDI Supply Chain Solutions and products flow management..? Actually, EDI may be called a part of B2B business structure where it plays the Read More →

Supply Chain Management EDI

  Supply Chain Management EDI Basics Supply Chain Management EDI help businesses to spend less money being tied to inventory. It gives the possibility to control and manage the supplies throughout the manufacturing process, from one organization to the next, more quickly and effectively. Monitoring and controlling the supply chain is the main task of any Supply Chain Management EDI Read More →


Supply Chain EDI Benefits And Advanatges: Choosing The Best Option Of EDI Integration Supply Chain EDI benefits have been proved by thousands of successful results of EDI integration. One of the main obvious advantages is the reduction in large volumes of paperwork and manual interruption. Another one is the enhanced speed of documents exchange and informational Read More →

Supply Chain Management EDI system

Supply Chain Management EDI System As A Tool To Control Supply Processes Supply Chain Management EDI system can be used by manufacturers and other involved parties to control the process of documents exchange such as Purchase Orders, Invoices, Advanced Ship Notices etc. Supply Chain Management EDI system facilitates the transfer of electronic business processes as Read More →


COPINO EDIFACT Message Definition And Purpose COPINO EDIFACT is a message by which an inland carrier notifies of the delivery or pick-up of containers. COPINO EDIFACT Message is part of a total set of container-related messages. These messages serve to facilitate the intermodal handling of containers by streamlining the information exchange. The business scenario for the Read More →


CUSREP EDIFACT (The Port Of Antwerp): Purpose And Usage CUSREP EDIFACT message is an international EDIFACT message that is used to send the required data of the means of transport to Customs (“CUStoms REport message”). The basic message is a UN message that is managed by the WCO (World Customs Organisation). CUSREP EDIFACT official name Read More →


CUSPER EDIFACT Message Definition And Structure CUSPER EDIFACT Message (Customs Conveyance Report Message) permits the transfer of data from a carrier to a Customs administration for the purpose of meeting Customs reporting requirements in respect of the means of transport on which cargo is carried. CUSPER EDIFACT Message may be applied for both national and Read More →


VERMAS EDIFACT Message In The Process Chain VERMAS EDIFACT Message is an offer to the maritime industry and its usage is left to agreements between the trading partners. It is by no means mandatory to use this transaction. If the trading partners are happy to use the enhanced versions of IFTMIN, COPRAR, CODECO etc for VGM Read More →