Reverse EDI 856

Reverse EDI 856 Outbound Ship Notice/Manifest Transaction Mapping Notes For (Macy’s EDI Program) Reverse EDI 856 Outbound Ship Notice/Manifest for Macy’s vendors represented below shows the PICK and PACK STRUCTURE. This structure of the Macy’s reverse EDI 856 Outbound Ship Notice/Manifest means Shipment/Order/Pack/Item. The following information is an outline of what will be sent in the Macy’s reverse Read More →

Passport Health Plan EDI

HIPAA 5010 Compliance At Cigna (Frequently Asked Questions) HIPAA 5010 transactions are currently accepted and sent at Cigna in support of HIPAA 5010 compliance.  Cigna is committed to helping physicians and hospitals successfully use HIPAA 5010 transactions. When the transition to HIPAA 5010 transaction is complete, Cigna expects that health care professionals and customers will benefit from even quicker Read More →

HIPAA 5010 implementation

HIPAA 5010 Implementation Basis For Cigna Partners HIPAA 5010 implementation rules were published by the Department of Health and Human Services in January 2009. HIPAA 5010 implementation rules contain the requirements for the health care industry to upgrade electronic data interchange transactions to HIPAA version 5010. New HIPAA 5010 implementation rules apply across the health care industry to health plans, physicians, hospitals, Read More →

EDI disadvantages

EDI Disadvantages: Breaking Myths As For Integration Expense And Network Complexity EDI disadvantages are a commonly discussed topic in many industrial circles. Although, the benefits of EDI are compelling, there are still many business-owners who hesitate to integrate EDI in their corporate systems. They concentrate more on EDI disadvantages and less on the pluses that Read More →

EDI training

EDI Training Courses 2017 Information And Schedule EDI Training courses conducted by San-Diego training company EDI Academy become more and more popular among industry specialists in the USA and Canada. In 2016 we have hosted 12 educational events (24 classes) and helped many people to master EDI operations. The result of EDI training courses conducted Read More →

EDI 850 Inbound Purchase Order

EDI 850 Inbound Purchase Order Mapping Specification Notes EDI 850 Inbound Purchase Order extra mapping guides refer to receiving VICS 850 Purchase Orders from a vendor. Deviation from VICS retail industry conventions and guidelines for EDI format may negate Macy’s ability to receive data from its trading partners. EDI 850 Inbound Purchase Order is required in VICS Read More →

860 EDI Mapping Notes (Family Dollar) (Segments ITD, DTM, TD5, N9) 860 EDI Purchase Order Change Request transaction set can be used to provide the information required for the customary and established business and industry practice relative to a purchase order change. 860 EDI Purchase Order Change Request transaction can be used: (1) by a Read More →