EDI Best Practices

Vendor-Neutral EDI Education For All Industries and Health Care EDI Academy has been providing Electronic Data Interchange for more than 15 years. It elevates the adoption of EDI and opens new job opportunities for those who became EDI Academy Certified Professionals.  👉 15 years on the market 👉 10 000+ attendees 👉 12 training classes  Read More →

EDI Online

EDI Online Webinars And Courses Description EDI Online Webinars are suitable for novice and experienced specialists involved in supply chain, inventory and sales, logistics, data analytics, finance, e-commerce etc. Training goes in a format of online instructor-led webinar. Attendees have the possibility to get CEDIAP proof. CEDIAP (Certified EDI Academy Professional) is designed for professionals from Read More →

EDI outsourcin

EDI Web/Desktop Access as one of the established methods of EDI outsourcing EDI Web/Desktop Access is another method of outsourcing electronic data interchange processes. Earlier in the blog we have already learned about EDI Service Bureau. Today we describe the benefits and features of another way to outsource EDI – EDI Web/Desktop Access. User-familiar software. The software that accesses Read More →

EDI certification

Independent and vendor-neutral EDI Certification by the EDI Academy EDI Academy certification CEDIAP® (Certified EDI Academy Professional) is designed for professionals from various industries including Health Care, retail, supply chain, banking, insurance, logistics, etc. The benefits of CEDIAP®: ✅ You will become a certified professional in the EDI field; ✅ You will have the knowledge and Read More →