EDI connectivity

Choosing EDI connectivity method and security basis When choosing a connection method for electronic data interchange (EDI) implementation in a company, several factors should be considered, including security, reliability, cost, and compatibility with existing systems. EDI Connectivity method Ultimately, the best connection method for EDI will depend on the specific needs of the company and Read More →

EDI Inventory Management

EDI Inventory Management For Multichannel Warehousing EDI Inventory Management applications allow to exchange documents in real time and automate processes such as invoicing, order supply form submission, stocks, sales, ledgers, and more. EDI Inventory Management solution can automatically pick the documents up from email or server and send them to an EDI business partner. Company can automate manual Read More →

EDI Courses

Become a Certified EDI Academy Professional (CEDIAP®) To Boost your productivity and step on the next career level EDI Academy certification CEDIAP® is designed for professionals from various industries including Health Care, retail, supply chain, banking, insurance, logistics, etc.  The benefits of CEDIAP®: You will become a certified professional in the EDI field; You will Read More →

Going EDI live

Going EDI live and additional actions After the validation (testing) stage has been successfully completed, the EDI transmissions can go live. In some cases, together with the go-live stage, trading partners continue testing to ensure that everything is functioning smoothly.  At this phase, you and your trading partners may start exchanging EDI messages via the Read More →