Mills Fleet Farm Collect Shipments

Mills Fleet Farm Collect Shipments Requirements for Vendors Mills Fleet Farm Collect Shipments guidelines described cover the follwing issues: Freight Routing, Ready to Ship Notification and Bill of Landing. Mills Fleet Farm Collect Shipments: Freight Routing For collect freight movement where arrangements for shipment are made on behalf of Mills Fleet Farm (current): Shipment weight under 300 Read More →


EDI ASN 856 Requirements For Fred’s Merchandise Shipments EDI ASN 856 is required for all product shipped to a FRED’S DC. EDI ASN 856 is an EDI transaction used to confirm the configuration of a shipment of goods as well as additional information relating to the shipment. EDI ASN 856 transaction will describe the shipment at the pallet, tier or case level, Read More →

Mills Fleet Farm Import Purchase Order

Mills Fleet Farm Import Purchase Order Information (Requirements for import suppliers) Mills Fleet Farm Import Purchase Order guidelines cover the list of responsibility requirements for import suppliers and basic import ordering information. Upon being selected as an import supplier for Mills Fleet Farm, vendor will be emailed a New Supplier Packet. This packet is a combination of informational documents that help Read More →

Mills Fleet Farm EDI

Mills Fleet Farm EDI Purchase Order Basic Information and Supplier Requirements Mills Fleet Farm EDI Purchase Order is a form through which Mills Fleet Farm purchases merchandise. Mills Fleet Farm EDI Purchase Order is created by MFF supply and fulfillment analysts and is transmitted via EDI or non-EDI (hard copy) to the supplier. Mills Fleet Farm expects all items Read More →

EDI Orders Exceptions

EDI Orders Exceptions Guidelines (Fred’s Trading Partners’ Program) EDI Orders exceptions refer to situations when the flow of the order is altered due to extenuating circumstances. Examples include but are not limited to, constrained product, return or recall of defective product, etc. Return Authorization Process FRED’S distribution centers are responsible for the consolidation of returns to vendors of FRED’S Read More →

Fred's EDI Shipments

Fred’s EDI Shipments Requirements (Drop Shipments and Direct Shipments) Fred’s EDI Shipments of multiple purchase orders must not be consolidated in a single shipping carton. Fred’s EDI Shipments  requirements cover the following guidelines: All trailers coming onto the Fred’s inbound lot must have proper identification with legible numbers and or letters on the front (nose) and back (door area) Read More →

Supplier EDI

Supplier EDI Expectations and Guidelines For Fred’s Trading Partners Supplier EDI following requirements are necessary to ensure that Fred’s Trading Partners are able to maintain its EDI merchandise commitments. All purchase orders placed within the specified days to process must adhere to a 100% fill rate. All shipments must be ready for pick-up 3 days prior to the Read More →

Hallmark EDI

  Hallmark EDI Special Notes Hallmark EDI Special guidelines include packing list requirements – a photocopy of the EDI invoice or a packing slip must accompany each shipment, preferably on the outside or inside of carton number one. The packing list for each store must include: Hallmark six digit Purchase Order number The Store Number Items in same unit Read More →

Hallmark Retail EDI

Hallmark Retail EDI requirements for invoicing and billing procedures Hallmark Retail EDI program demands that each location receiving merchandise must be invoiced separately. Each purchase order must be invoiced separately. The Hallmark Retail EDI invoice must include: • Hallmark Retail six digit Purchase Order number • The Store Number • Invoice in same unit of measure Read More →

3M EDI Implementation

3M EDI Implementation Requirements 3M EDI Implementation enables process change and helps achieve business goals, significant benefits can be realized. 3M EDI Implementation enhances all parts of the business process, and the impact can be far reaching: Reduced Cycle Time – As time-based competition has become the norm, the ability to conduct business faster has become imperative. Read More →