Hallmark Retail EDI

Hallmark Retail EDI requirements for invoicing and billing procedures Hallmark Retail EDI program demands that each location receiving merchandise must be invoiced separately. Each purchase order must be invoiced separately. The Hallmark Retail EDI invoice must include: • Hallmark Retail six digit Purchase Order number • The Store Number • Invoice in same unit of measure Read More →

3M EDI Implementation

3M EDI Implementation Requirements 3M EDI Implementation enables process change and helps achieve business goals, significant benefits can be realized. 3M EDI Implementation enhances all parts of the business process, and the impact can be far reaching: Reduced Cycle Time – As time-based competition has become the norm, the ability to conduct business faster has become imperative. Read More →

EDI Academy

EDI Academy 2017 Results and 2018 Plans EDI Academy is one of the leading USA companies providing Electronic Data Interchange education in the USA and Canada. The previous year has proved this again – it was quite successful for our team. 24 regular trainings where conducted and our students learned basics of EDI, its role Read More →

Financial EDI

Financial EDI Basic Description And Steps Financial EDI solutions serve businesses to exchange payment related information with a standard format. In general, financial EDI uses the same principles as EDI for other industries (e.g. supply chain, retail etc.). However, the main difference is that two partners that exchange payments (or other financial EDI transactions) should Read More →

EDI Instruments

EDI Instruments Released by EdiFabric EDI instruments serve thousands of developers and EDI-interested businesses to enable their software systems with EDI capabilities. Modern companies want to build value networks and connect with trading partners more effectively. They see EDI, and the exchange of EDI documents through established protocols, as outdated and tedious processes. EdiFabric offers products Read More →

EDI 810 Electronic Invoice

EDI 810 Electronic Invoice Requirements EDI 810 Electronic Invoice vendor exchange requires testing and certification by Saks SFA EDI Office. Saks requires one EDI 810 Electronic Invoice for each shipment, by PO, Store, and Bill of Lading. Failure to comply may result in payment delays. Ensure invoices are accurate, do not include information on merchandise that is back ordered or Read More →

Town Shoes EDI

Town Shoes EDI Project Description And Guidelines Town Shoes EDI project helps vendoring companies to exchange electronic data with Town Shoes. Current Town Shoes EDI project scope is Catalogue Update (832) from vendor, Purchase Order (850) and Purchase Order Change (860) from Town Shoes, Advanced Shipping Notice (856) from vendor. If you are unable to send an automated 832 Catalogue file, Read More →

Town Shoes Vendor Portal

  Town Shoes Vendor Portal Requirements Town Shoes Vendor Portal data exchange testing is done by vendor in a “self-service” environment using the SPICE Connect Compliance Portal for Town Shoes. Town Shoes Vendor Portal compliancy testing is web based. Catalogues have two master options for loading. These options are set on the web portal. Append – new items Read More →

Town Shoes EDI Vendor

Town Shoes EDI Vendor Portal Operation Guidelines Town Shoes EDI Vendor Portal data exchange testing is done by vendor in a “self-service” environment using the SPICE Connect Compliance Portal for Town Shoes. Town Shoes EDI Vendor Portal compliancy testing is web based. Test files can be found and edited under the compliancy section on the SPICE Compliance Portal Read More →


832 Price/Sales Catalog Mapping Guidelines (Town Shoes EDI Program) 832 Price/Sales Catalog users (EDI Trading Partners) may experience difficulties in generating and transmitting an EDI 832 Price/Sales Catalog file. If this is the case with you, please utilize Town Shoes web-based NPLS application to upload your catalogue. The following LIN segment fields are mandatory but please see Read More →