VICS EDI Transactions: Warehousing

EDI Transactions: Warehouse Shipping Order (940) and Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice (947) The Warehouse Shipping Order (940) is used by the depositor (owner of the goods) to provide shipping information to a third party warehouse. The depositor can advise the third party to make a shipment, confirm a shipment, modify, or cancel a previously transmitted Warehouse Shipping Order (940). Read More →

EDI Ship Notice

EDI Ship Notice/Manifest (856) Transaction Description The data in this transaction contains all items pertinent to shipment of product such as, bill of lading number, shipment date, number of containers, and container identification numbers. The primary advantage of automating this function is that this information may be integrated into the various systems without multiple data entry operations. The Read More →

EDIFACT Training

EDI  (EDIFACT) Training for the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) is the largest shipping line. Their global headquarters are in Switzerland, but they serve most of the world’s freight port of calls. They operate 471 container vessels and that requires a lot EDI Transactions, of which most are EDIFACT messages: UN/EDIFACT Message CUSCAR Read More →

VICS EDI Logistics

VICS EDI Logistics Guides: Small Packages Shipment Transactions Communication Carrier Shipment Status Message (214) includes the carriers PRO number and optionally, the estimated delivery date. Depending upon the requirements of the shipper or the consignee, the carrier may send additional Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Messages (214) as the shipment moves from the origin to the destination. At a Read More →