Shaw's Shipping Requirements

Shaw’s Shipping Requirements (Supplier Companies) Shaw’s Shipping Requirements mentioned in this blog are obligatory for all vendors doing merchandise with Shaw’s Supermarkets. Shaw’s Shipping Requirements are strict and vendors must comply with the information mentioned below taking into account any changes given on the Shaw’s website. Two packing slips/ and or BOL containing an itemized list of Read More →

Save Mart EDI

Save Mart EDI VMA (Vendor Managed Inventory) General Information Save Mart EDI program requires that suppliers and The Save Mart Companies buyers agree to a specified inventory level to be maintained on products at Save Mart distribution centers through Vendor Managed Inventory. Save Mart EDI warehouse inventory levels are provided daily in an EDI 852 transaction Read More →

Shaw's Supermarket EDI

Shaw’s Supermarket EDI And Shipping Basic Information Shaw’s Supermarket EDI is a set of standards for structuring information to be electronically exchanged between Shaw’s and vendors (processes for creating, transmitting, and receiving EDI documents). The EDI standards describe structures that emulate documents, for example purchase orders to automate purchasing. Shaw’s EDI Required Transaction Sets: 875 – Read More →

ConAgra Foods Electronic Data Interchange

ConAgra Foods Electronic Data Interchange Vendor Requirements ConAgra Foods Electronic Data Interchange requires that any party conducting electronic based commerce with ConAgra Foods must establish and maintain EDI for the purpose of transmitting and receiving purchase orders, acknowledgments, purchase order changes, invoices, advance ship notices. Any transmission of data or Message which does not conform to Read More →

Bill of Lading

Bill of Lading (BOL) Instructions For Orchard Suppliers Bill of Lading must be provided for each destination that includes information for all POs loaded in a single trailer. One trailer to one Orchard destination = one Bill of Lading. Do not include a separate Bill of Lading for each PO. Include all POs numbers on the Read More →

True Value EDI Invoicing

Accounting EDI Integration Solution Basics Accounting EDI is an effective business solution that helps to automate documents and data exchange between partnering accounting systems (ERP agents like SAP or ORACLE etc.). Accounting EDI allows automatically upload and download data. Accounting EDI solutions cover different services that help to set up a proper EDI connection and Read More →

Application Acknowledgement

Application Acknowledgement General Definition And Types Application Acknowledgement is a transaction set that actually represents a response to a received transaction. We can outline the following examples of an Application Acknowledgement in EDI: 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement (response to the received and processed Purchase Order), 824 Application Advice (a generic application acknowledgment used for any Read More →

Shipping Label Placement

Shipping Label Placement Guidelines (Orchard) Orchard’s EDI Shipping Label placement guidelines are based on the general label specifications for use with UCC/EAN identification codes contained in the Application Standard for Shipping Container Codes (ANSI/UCC6-1996). Once the SSCC-18 (UCC/EAN-128) shipping label is created for each shipping container, place the label(s) on the container(s) following these specifications. Containers Read More →

Orchard Shipments

Orchard Shipments Important Notes: Prepaid Shipments and UPS Small Package Criteria Orchard Shipments specific requirements described in the blog refer to company Prepaid suppliers and UPS Small Package Criteria. Prepaid Shipments Prepaid suppliers are responsible for the transportation of their shipments to each Orchard Shipments destination (DC or store) and carrier payment with the carrier of their choice. Prepaid Read More →

EDI Shipping Label

EDI Shipping Label Creation For Orchard Merchandise EDI Shipping Label provides Orchard with ship from, ship to and PO information for each shipping container. Orchard’s EDI Shipping Label guidelines are based on the general label specifications for use with UCC/EAN identification codes contained in the Application Standard for Shipping Container Codes (ANSI/UCC6-1996). SSCC-18 (UCC/EAN-128) EDI Read More →