EDI 856 Ship Notice

EDI 856 Ship Notice/Manifest Flow Guides When using the Ship Notice/Manifest, the user must have a clear understanding of the following: Business processes which initiate the Ship Notice/Manifest EDI documents that surround the Ship Notice/Manifest The actual required events The timing of those events, and The need for accuracy when describing shipment contents. The Supplier Read More →

EDI 856 transaction guides

EDI Ship Notice/Manifest Transaction Set (856) EDI 856 provides order and shipment information in one electronic transaction sent from the supplier to the receiver. The key to the success of the Ship Notice/Manifest is the advanced receipt of the notice, and the accuracy of the information being sent. Information such as Bill of Lading, carton Read More →

Electronic 850 Purchase Order

Electronic 850 Purchase Order (ASC X12 standard) Within the retail industry, two distinct methods for ordering goods have been identified. The first type, or “basic”, is the most common, and is used to order goods separately for each location, i.e., one store ordering per PO. The second type, or “spreadsheet”, is utilized to order the Read More →