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EDI Implementation guidelines: requirements for different businesses There can be a lot of information in implementation guidelines. The main components are EDI mapping specifications and business rules, EDI communications options (VAN, AS2, etc.), and sometimes label and packaging requirements. The party creating the implementation guidelines refers to the EDI standards manual (e.g. ASC X12 manual) Read More →

EDI Implementation guidelines

New EDI learning stream – Early Bird registration open New EDI learning stream coming soon in April. Online EDI Training Bundle – EDI Fundamentals & Best Practices for All Industries and HIPAA EDI Training Bundle (Health Care EDI) Fundamentals & Best Practices. Advanced sessions are included in both bundles. Some courses have pre-requisites. During a Read More →

Ameritech EDI Guides

Ameritech EDI Guides: Gateway, Billing Transmission, Enveloping and Transactions Ameritech EDI Gateway is an electronic bridge between companies, networks and third party providers. It is a full function store and forward mailbox with interconnections to major networks. Ameritech provides trading partners a mailbox and free access to the Gateway for sending and receiving EDI Billing Products. If a trading partner wishes Read More →

EDI Billing Processing

EDI Billing Processing (Ameritech EDI Process Overview) EDI Billing (bill payment) is executed when a trading partner electronically authorizes their bank to debit funds from their account by a specified amount, and authorizes Ameritech’s bank to credit Ameritech’s account by that same amount. There are three methods for performing this that employ EDI 820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice transactions. Read More →

EDI Billing Products

EDI Billing Products (Ameritech): EDI Detail Bill and EDI Bill Payment EDI Billing Products by Ameritech include EDI Summary Bill, EDI Detail Bill and EDI Bill Payment. We discussed EDI Summary Bill in our previous post. Below – brief description of EDI Detail Bill and EDI Bill Payment. EDI Detail Bill The EDI Detail Bill is sent to Ameritech EDI trading Read More →

Ameritech EDI Billing

Ameritech EDI Billing Products: EDI Summary Bill Ameritech EDI Billing Products involve the EDI Summary Bill, the EDI Detail Bill and the EDI Bill Payment. EDI Summary Bill is briefly described below: EDI Summary Bill The EDI Summary Bill is sent to Ameritech EDI trading partners using the ANSI X12 811 Transaction Set. The objective of the Read More →


Work From Home: How to stay active and effectve? While most people are on quarantine due to this unstable situation, we have prepared some useful tips how to stay effective on remote working from home. Organize your working space. First, choose a part of your flat where you will work in comfort. The room should Read More →

Ameritech EDI Program

Ameritech EDI Overview: Translators,  Communication Links, Application Interface The estimated time to implement the Ameritech EDI Program is approximately 3 to 6 months depending on a company’s level of experience. The main components are: Standards, Translators, Communication Links, Application Interface. EDI Translators EDI Translators are commercial software packages that make the transmission of EDI data more efficient. Read More →

Ameritech EDI Program

Ameritech EDI Program: Standards Electronic Data Interchange is often described as the computer to computer exchange of business documents in a standardized format. The EDI world has evolved significantly over the past 5 years with the introduction of many new products and services to make the implementation process easier and more successful. All of these Read More →

EDIFACT Envelope

EDIFACT Envelope Structure And Levels There are two EDIFACT Envelope levels in which messages may be transmitted. The use of a particular level designates which character set will be used: EDIFACT Envelope LEVEL A (UNA): only upper case; only printable characters EDIFACT Envelope LEVEL B (UNB): upper and lower case; includes non-printing characters for delimiters UNA: Read More →