EDI Transportation

EDI Transportation Management System Validation Requirements For DSW Vendors EDI Transportation Management System is an instrument for online routing requests and approvals. EDI Transportation Management System and all EDI documents in it are secured and a login/password will be issued to a vendor at least two weeks prior to enrollment. EDI Transportation Management System is designed to Read More →

EDI training

EDI Training Courses 2017 Information And Schedule EDI Training courses conducted by San-Diego training company EDI Academy become more and more popular among industry specialists in the USA and Canada. In 2016 we have hosted 12 educational events (24 classes) and helped many people to master EDI operations. The result of EDI training courses conducted Read More →


UN/EDIFACT Messages Developement in Transport Industry UN/EDIFACT messages appearance initiated the formation of a global UN EDI standards organisation and this development has continued to progress from the inception of the UN/EDIFACT international standard to the present time. UN/EDIFACT messages structure is essential to the use of EDI in the transport sector. It was agreed and Read More →

EDI 850 Inbound Purchase Order

EDI 850 Inbound Purchase Order Mapping Specification Notes EDI 850 Inbound Purchase Order extra mapping guides refer to receiving VICS 850 Purchase Orders from a vendor. Deviation from VICS retail industry conventions and guidelines for EDI format may negate Macy’s ability to receive data from its trading partners. EDI 850 Inbound Purchase Order is required in VICS Read More →

860 EDI Mapping Notes (Family Dollar) (Segments ITD, DTM, TD5, N9) 860 EDI Purchase Order Change Request transaction set can be used to provide the information required for the customary and established business and industry practice relative to a purchase order change. 860 EDI Purchase Order Change Request transaction can be used: (1) by a Read More →

EDI 860 Mapping Notes (Segments REF, FOB, CSH) EDI 860 Mapping Notes for Family Dollar transaction specification were already given in our previous post. Today we continue to present some more particular EDI 860 Mapping Notes and comments. Guidelines for segments REF, FOB, CSH are given further. REF Reference Identification R0203 – At least one Read More →