EDI for retail

EDI For Retail: Ideal Solutions For Business EDI for retail industry was adopted over thirty years ago and this process was quite quick. Businesses that suffered from paper documents circulation were first to notice the major benefits of EDI for retail. It was easy to understand that EDI replaces a big amount of paper documents Read More →

EDI Files

EDI Files Transmission: Control Numbers EDI Files Control Numbers described in today’s post refer to Delhaize EDI documents that are being sent from one to another business partners. EDI Files Control Numbers description will cover the explanation of Control Numbers of an EDI file. EDI Files – Control Numbers Control Numbers are included in all header Read More →

Emdeon EDI connectivity

Emdeon EDI connectivity and claims processing Emdeon EDI connectivity is a result of succesfuly completed testing phase between the two parties involved. Emdeon EDI testing consists of submitting EDI claims, validating the EDI data, and certifying multiple electronic transmissions. After all setting-up and testing procedures claims processing begins. The Submitter sends a file marked as (P) for Read More →


Designer Shoes Warehouse Labeling Guidelines and Notes Designer Shoes Warehouse Labeling requirements described in the blog below cover demands for footwear and accessory vendors as well as ticketing instructions. Designer Shoes Warehouse Labeling – Footwear Vendors If a vendor is set up to use UPC codes, the product must be labeled with the vendor’s UPC codes. The Read More →

dsw edi

DSW 856 ASN Memo and Notes DSW has been frequently running into an issue with incorrect ship to IDs being sent in the N104 element of DSW 856 ASN (Advanced Ship Notice) transaction sent to DSW. This is causing the processing of the DSW 856 ASN to fail. DSW have been manually correcting the ship to Read More →


DSW EDI General Information and Testing Requirements DSW EDI program for vendors covers points connected to electronic data interchange in the supply process. DSW has a dedicated EDI Team that is responsible for the EDI programming and processing for DSW. Below you can find some important DSW EDI guidelines necessary for vendors who are goig to become a Read More →

DWS EDI Purchase Order

DWS EDI Purchase Order and Invoice Notes and Guides DWS EDI Purchase Order requirements regard to all vendors partnering with DWS (Designer Shoes Warehouse). More guidelines may be found in previous two posts devoted to DWS EDI Purchase Order guides. Vendor shall prepare a separate invoice for each department and each EDI PO within a shipment. All documents Read More →

edi transportation codes

EDI Transportation Codes: Common Transactions In Transportation Industry EDI transportation codes are electronic documents (transactions) bearing particular data. EDI transportation codes are simply known as EDI transactions for transportation and logistics. EDI for transportation has already showed that it brings a big advantage of automated processing of high volumes of business documents that is time-consuming and Read More →