EDI Ship Notice

EDI Ship Notice/Manifest Single And Multi-Order Processing In creating the Ship Notice/Manifest, the sender has some choices to make. A ship notice may represent a single supplier order or many orders. A single ship notice may also represent a part of the physical shipment or the entire physical shipment or Bill of Lading. Both single order and multi-order ship notices are acceptable Read More →

Advanced Ship Notice

Advanced Ship Notice Structure: Multiple POs Packed in the Same Shipping Container Some retailers allow more than one PO for the same buying location to be packed within the same physical shipping container when the orders are destined for the same location. When this occurs, the buyer’s purchase order should be referenced at the Item level, rather than Read More →

856 ASN Structure

856 ASN Structure: Pick and Pack and Standard Carton Pack Mapping Notes For Pick and Pack shipments, each packaging loop will report the serial number for one shipping container. The SKU contents of the shipping container are reported in one or more item loops which follow a packaging loop. Example 1 is a carton with a UCC/EAN-128 carton ID (SSCC-18). Example Read More →

856 ASN Mapping

Shipping Container Identification Numbers Container identification numbers are transmitted in MAN segments within the appropriate packaging level (Shipment, Unit Load, Tare or Pack). The recommended ID is the human-readable interpretation of the UCC/EAN-128 Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC-18). When MAN01 contains code AA, MAN02 will contain the eighteen-character UCC/EAN-128 Serial Shipping Container Code which does not include the two-digit application Read More →