EDI implementation

Implementing EDI for AT&T – First Steps to Be Taken Implementing EDI for AT&T starts with preparation and assessment phase. It allows an understanding of EDI cooperation with AT&T, identifies the benefits, secures stakeholder commitment, and develops an implementation plan. This step of implementing EDI for AT&T may vary from a few weeks to several months. The term depends Read More →


EDI Web/Desktop and Remote Methods of Outsource EDI Web/Desktop Access With Web/Desktop Access method, the service provider operates an EDI system, and provides all customers with access to their system using Web or Desktop software. The service provider deals with your trading partners in EDI format, and interacts with you through the EDI Web/Desktop Access software. The software allows you to perform daily activities such as processing Read More →

edi outsourcing method

EDI Outsourcing methods – features, advantages and benefits EDI Outsourcing methods  have their own features, advantages and benefits. The first two methods of EDI Outsourcing, Service Bureau and Web/Desktop Access, assume you are new to EDI, or you have an in-house EDI system that you no longer wish to keep. The third method, Remote Administration, assumes you have an in-house Read More →