CODECO message

CODECO Message General Description CODECO message is intended for the reporting of gate activity (gate movements) associated with an item of equipment in and out of a container terminal, storage and repair facility, or packing/unpacking facility. It can also be used to report movements within the facility, including changes to the status of the item of Read More →

EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice Specifications

EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice Specifications – PVH Corp. Supplier Guides EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice specifications refert to three types of advance ship notices: Warehouse ASN – one BSN for the warehouse destination, Direct-to-Store ASN – a BSN for each individual store destination, Mark-for-Store ASN – one BSN for the warehouse destination listing the store destinations. TD5 SEGMENT SCAC Read More →

PVH Corp. EDI Program

PVH Corp. EDI Program Basics. EDI 852 Product Activity Transaction PVH Corp. EDI Program encourages the use of EDI transactions. All PVH Corp. retail divisions are now capable of transmitting electronic purchase orders (EDI 850, product activity data (EDI 852) and purchase order change (EDI 860), as well as receiving advance ship notices (EDI 856) and invoices (EDI Read More →

Hayneedle Drop Ship EDI

Hayneedle Drop Ship EDI Technology Requirements Hayneedle Drop Ship Integration via EDI is released according specified requirements – vendors must meet Hayneedle EDI mapping standards to be considered for onboarding and to remain compliant. Vendors requesting an EDI relationship with Hayneedle must meet Hayneedle EDI mapping standards to be considered for onboarding and to remain compliant. Non-EDI vendors will Read More →

Hayneedle Vendor Certification

Hayneedle Vendor Certification (Drop Ship) Requirements Hayneedle Vendor certification should be passed according to the requirements in order to establish business workflow and to have vendor invoices paid in a timely manner. The following is the required information you need to know in order to have your invoices processed promptly. Invoices can be submitted for payment using different methods but Read More →

EDI Documentation

EDI Documentation And Transmission Procedures For DXL Group Vendors EDI documentation and transmission guides for DXL Group Vendors note that vendor company must be 100% UPC marked and provide DXL Group with access to its UPC catalog. EDI is a requirement of doing business with DXL Group. As vendors, you are expected to comply and contact DXL Group to start Read More →


DXL Group EDI Vendor Program Requirements DXL Group EDI initiative is directed at supporting the Universal Product Code (UPC), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards (VICS) and the Uniform Code Council (UCC) standards. By implementing DXL Group EDI standards and technologies DXL Group can expedite merchandise through the supply chain thus insuring an expedited flow from Read More →

Best Buy Packaging

Best Buy Packaging And Labeling Requirements For Vendor Shipments Best Buy Packaging And Labeling procedures require all products to be packaged to conform with good packaging procedures, the requirements of carriers and to the National Motor Freight Classifications (NMFC) requirements. All products must be packaged in recyclable corrugated cartons with minimum burst strength of 125 pounds Read More →

EDI Commercial Invoice

Best Buy Commercial Invoice Vendor Guidelines Best Buy Commercial Invoice submitted for Customs clearance must be identical in quantity, price, and model/sku to the invoice submitted for payment to Best Buy for open account payment terms or to Best Buy’s bank for letter of credit payment terms.  For each shipment only one PO per invoice and Read More →

Best Buy EDI

Best Buy EDI Vendors Requirements And Tips Best Buy EDI vendors must be registered for Web-enabled EDI within two months of receiving their first PO. At that time, if vendors are not compliant, PO’s will not be available on the web site. The following VICS documents are mandatory for all Best Buy EDI vendors: 810 Invoice via traditional EDI or Read More →