EDI All Industries and HIPAA trainings schedule Winter-Spring 2019 EDI All Industries and HIPAA on-site seminars and online webinars schedule is ready to release. Prepare your EDI trainings list for the coming year. Registration for winter-spring 2019 classes https://ediacademy.com EDI All Industries – EDI Fundamentals & Best Practices – San Diego Workshops 2019 January 29-30, May 16-17, September 17-18, Read More →

  Ace Hardware Electronic Data Interchange Vendor Program Ace Hardware Electronic Data Interchange Vendor Program is essential to maintaining competitive advantage. The commitment to EDI covers all aspects of our relationship with Ace Hardware Electronic Data Interchange vendor partners, including: Electronic transmission of purchase orders. Receipt of Advance Ship Notices, which streamline order processing and expediting. Read More →

EDI Training Online Information, Basis And Events Schedule For Winter and Spring 2019 EDI Training gives a possibility to get certified by completing the mentioned classes. The cost is $250 per session per person for each individual webinar (a la carte). Pay $200 per webinar if you sign up for all 6 webinars at once. Email us info@ediacademy.com to Read More →

EDI Onboarding Process With GSA Global Supply EDI Onboarding process standardized steps must be followed by vendors to set up a connection to the EDI gateway. The EDI onboarding process starts immediately after a contract is awarded to the vendor. To initiate the onboarding process, GSS Global Supply will provide vendors with an EDI “survey” which is used Read More →

EDI Invoice Recommendations For Belk EDI Suppliers EDI Invoice Total should include the sum of the details plus any Charges, minus any Allowances that you might send on the EDI Invoice. The totals must match or your Invoice will be rejected. You cannot invoice the same UPC at different prices on the EDI Invoice. The Invoice will Read More →

Purchase Order Transmissions Between Belk And Vendors Purchase Order Transmissions are usually done after the nightly batch process completes. This is typically in the early morning hours but can be later. Belk is in the Eastern Time Zone (US). To be sure that a Purchase Order you are waiting from Belk has been sent, validate that Read More →

EDI Integration – Can It Be Smoother For Mid-Tier Companies? EDI Integration in large enterprises have demonstrated the ability to modernize supply chain and data networking in order to reduce the costs of business. Large companies EDI  programs have demonstrated the value of building a modern supply chain via global trading standards for reducing costs and meeting customer Read More →

Electronic Data Interchange: Still Dominating In Global Trade EDI standard is used to exchange more electronic ordering around the globe than any other communication format. The history of EDI can be found here. However, technology and data formats have changed over the years, so maybe there is a better way than EDI? Today Electronic Data Interchange is still the only option Read More →

EDI Purchase Order Number (Reference Number for Union Pacific) EDI Purchase Order Number is the key reference number for Union Pacific. It ties together all EDI communications about a purchase, including payment. It is the Supply Department’s responsibility to furnish the supplier with a purchase order number for EDI all purchases. It is the Supplier’s responsibility to use that number in Read More →