Hudson’s Bay 856 ASN Guidelines For Vendors Hudson’s Bay 856 ASN transaction is an obligatory transaction applied to trading relathionships between Hudson’s Bay and its vendors. Before starting Hudson’s Bay 856 ASN EDI exchange the partners have to carefully study all the usage requirements of the Hudson’s Bay 856 ASN EDI document. The third portion of the FAQs Read More →

856 asn hudsons bay

856 ASN Hudson’s Bay Company Questions And Answers For Vendors 856 ASN Hudson’s Bay Company transaction is one of the most used transactions in business relationships. Some typical FAQs regarding 856 ASN Hudson’s Bay electronic document are given below. What is the procedure to have an 856 ASN Hudson’s Bay deleted? First you have to “unconfirm” your Read More →

860 EDI Mapping Notes (Family Dollar) (Segments ITD, DTM, TD5, N9) 860 EDI Purchase Order Change Request transaction set can be used to provide the information required for the customary and established business and industry practice relative to a purchase order change. 860 EDI Purchase Order Change Request transaction can be used: (1) by a Read More →

EDI 860 Mapping Notes (Segments REF, FOB, CSH) EDI 860 Mapping Notes for Family Dollar transaction specification were already given in our previous post. Today we continue to present some more particular EDI 860 Mapping Notes and comments. Guidelines for segments REF, FOB, CSH are given further. REF Reference Identification R0203 – At least one Read More →