Shopko EDI 850

Shopko EDI 850 Purchase Order For  Pre-Pack (Display Item) Shopko EDI 850 Purchase Order Display Pack is a part of Shopko initial orders program (an assortment of product may be ordered to stock a store). This assortment is also known as a ‘pre-pack’ or ‘display’ item. The Shopko PO system considers this assortment/prepack/display a single item. Read More →

204 EDI Transaction

204 EDI Transaction: Motor Carrier Load Tender Mapping Notes (Part 1) 204 EDI Transaction is an electronic version of a paper Motor Carrier Load Tender. Standard EDI formats include X12, ANSI, EDIFACT and its subsets. 204 EDI Transaction is used to allow shippers and other parties to offer a shipment to a full load carrier. It is Read More →


CODECO UN/EDIFACT Document Description CODECO UN/EDIFACT is a message that is used by the terminal operators and depositary managers to report to the shipping company and ship’s agent which containers have reached (gate-in) or left (gate-out) the Container Terminal. CODECO UN/EDIFACT replaces the old EDIFACT messages COMORE (“Container MOvement report). Originally it was a message Read More →