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Customer Order Processing and Fulfillment Customer Order Processing and Fulfillment are the key to maintaining a positive customer experience with Boscov’s. This blog outlines key order processing and fulfillment policies that will ensure a quality experience for the Boscov’s customer. 3rd Party Order Processing Interface OpenText Technology Requirements: Suppliers must be able to transmit/receive all order Read More →

Inventory Management

Inventory Management At Boscov’s: Availability And Reporting Boscov’s Inventory Management program is supported by SDF suppliers. Reported inventory availability determines product availability for customer purchase. Inventory Availability Inventory communicated to Boscov’s is expected to be 100% available for Boscov’s customers as the Boscov’s systems interpret the reported values as “available-to-promise” to Boscov’s customers. Suppliers will submit inventory Read More →

EDI Interconnects

EDI Interconnects – VAN service EDI Interconnects are very common and refer to different VAN service providers having the ability to connect and communicate to each other. Your company might use VAN A. One of your vendors might use VAN B. These VANs exchange data with each other using a mailbag with EDI batches used for exchanging Read More →

EDI Communication Methods

EDI Communication Methods – Value added network EDI Communication Methods serve to send and receive EDI documents. There are many different ways that companies have exchanged EDI data over the years. During the 1950s and 1960s, companies could mail mainframe punch cards or data tapes through the United States Postal Service. Then the telecommunications modem came. Then it Read More →

General Shipping Guidelines

General Shipping Guidelines: Boot Barn EDI Routing Guide General Shipping Guidelines of Boot Barn Routing Guide ensure product is expedited through company supply chain network. For all small parcel shipments (less than 15 boxes to one location), use UPS Ground and mark the documentation 3rd party to the Boot Barn main account number. The Boot Barn Read More →

EDI Training

EDI Training: Useful And Rational Holiday Present It’s high time to choose presents for the upcoming holidays – you definitely need to pass this again this year, friend. But let’s be frank – need much time to think it through, choose what and where and when. Will they like it..? Maybe, they already have a Read More →

Boot Barn EDI Billing

Boot Barn EDI Billing And Invoicing Vendor Procedures Boot Barn EDI Billing And Invoicing strategic initiative strongly encourages EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to improve operating efficiency. This is a top priority for Boot Barn to convert from manual processing of purchase orders, invoices and advance shipment notices (ASNs) to EDI. EDI will reduce the potential for Read More →

edi purchase order

EDI Purchase Orders (Production With Boot Barn) EDI Purchase Orders in production must reflect the correct unit cost/price, units ordered, terms, freight conveyance method, discounts, BB style numbers, sizes and colors. If a purchase order is received by the vendor and there are discrepancies, the appropriate merchandise manager is to be notified immediately. The goods on the purchase Read More →

Boot Barn EDI

Boot Barn EDI New Vendor Requirments Boot Barn EDI Vendor program serves for utilizing EDI technology with its vendors. In keeping with its strategic initiative to improve operating efficiency, Boot Barn is committed to utilizing EDI. Boot Barn is currently utilizing EDI for PO issuance and will be exploring other technologies as they become available. Boot Barn strongly encourages Read More →

EDI Academy

Latest testimonials from EDI Academy students EDI Academy courses were tailored to bring you a comprehensive program and lots of  useful “take away” information. We are glad to hear positive feedbacks from our students, and will share some of the latest ones with you. “I am happy I found EDI Academy. It was so difficult to find Read More →