EDI communication protocols

EDI Communication Protocols and File Formats Accepted Emdeon allows connections using multiple EDI communication protocols. Each of the agreed EDI communication protocols is described below. Sterling Gentran® IBM® Sterling Gentran® is a third party product providing an EDI and data translation solution that supports multiple protocols. Emdeon supports connectivity with this product through one of Read More →


Test EDI files  Submission and Validation Guides The process of submitting test EDI files  varies based on the selected platform and the implementation method. During EDI implementation, you will log a ticket to the ON24/7 application that includes the following information: Tracking/Reference number Number of claims submitted Time and date of submission Submitter ID Line of Business Read More →

Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI Routing

Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI Routing and Transportation Requirements Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI Routing department will route all shipments when the company is the responsible party for payment of freight charges. The vendor’s copy of the company EDI purchase order should reflect the correct commercial and freight related terms for the merchandise. Designer Shoes Warehouse EDI Read More →

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DSW 856 ASN Memo and Notes DSW has been frequently running into an issue with incorrect ship to IDs being sent in the N104 element of DSW 856 ASN (Advanced Ship Notice) transaction sent to DSW. This is causing the processing of the DSW 856 ASN to fail. DSW have been manually correcting the ship to Read More →


San Francisco Health Plan Claims Billing: Inpatient Services, Facility Outpatient, Medical Supply, Duplicate Billings San Francisco Health Plan Claims Billing Notes described below regard to some points not mentioned in the previous posts devoted to EDI requirements. Inpatient Services, Facility Outpatient, Medical Supply, Duplicate Billings notes are presented in general. Inpatient Services San Francisco Health Read More →

Transportation EDI Solutions: Key Benefits and Advantages Transportation EDI solutions were applicable in global business for years. Though in early years electronic processing was not known as EDI, today this approach has strong history and continues to develop quickly. Electronic data interchange was already used in automotive and trucking industries many years ago, however, today Read More →

edi transportation codes

EDI Transportation Codes: Common Transactions In Transportation Industry EDI transportation codes are electronic documents (transactions) bearing particular data. EDI transportation codes are simply known as EDI transactions for transportation and logistics. EDI for transportation has already showed that it brings a big advantage of automated processing of high volumes of business documents that is time-consuming and Read More →

edi in transportation

EDI Transportation: History And Up-To-Date Position EDI transportation branch offers progressive and effective technology solutions for shippers including third-party logistics. The goal of this post is to give a piece of enormous EDI knowledge to all parties somehow involved in modern business. Today some of you may find useful information about EDI transportation solution that will be Read More →

Deringer EDI Questions and Answers for Partners Deringer EDI initiative was developed for reducing labor costs and replacing them with electronic means. Deringer EDI solution is aimed at improving efficiency and accuracy of business processes in logistics. EDI allows to receive your data, process it and send the appropriate acknowledgements and responses to you and/or Read More →