Value Added Networks

  Value Added Networks Guides (The Parker Hannifin Vendor Guidelines) Before information can be transmitted using EDI, data from the sender/user must first be translated into a standard format, and then communicated using the standard format to a receiver. This communication process takes place through either point-to-point connection or through a third-party communications service. Point-to-point Read More →


VAN (Value Added Network) Communication Service VAN or Value Added Network is a third-party private network provider focused on network services including postal functions for EDI transactions. VAN services cover secure emailing, messages encryption, management reporting, and accepts different communication protocols. These VAN features enable reliable connectivity between organizations, businesses and government or private bodies. Read More →


EDI components description and transport protocols presentation EDI Components: sender and receiver There are many EDI components involved in an EDI relationship between two trading partners. EDI is a batch process in which transactions are grouped together into one or more files and all transmitted at the same time. One trading partner is the sender (outbound) and Read More →