EDI AS2 Connection: Communication And Business Integration EDI AS2 connection is released by Volvo via support server authentication by verifying CA’s (certificate authorities) as trust model. If server certificate has been verified by trusted CA, Volvo will trust the server. Volvo support server authentication by verifying CA’s (certificate authorities) as trust model for EDI AS2 connection. If server Read More →

EDI Communication

EDI Communication And Business Integration for the Volvo Group Vendors (OFTP2) EDI Communication at Volvo includes implemented session level encryption by using Transport Layer Security (TLS). The TLS provides data confidentiality by encryption of all protocol commands and data exchanged between Volvo Group and its partners. This will provide enough security, preventing a third party from extracting any Read More →

EDI All Industries

EDI All Industries Basic And Advanced Course (On-Site Training) EDI All Industries Training will take place on September 14-16, 2018 (Los-Angeles, CA). This three-day training event is offered for specialists new to EDI as well as advanced learners. The course is tailored for all EDI-knowledge levels and will be interesting for professionals from different industries. More info and Read More →

Advanced EDI Training

Advanced EDI Training Webinars Schedule For September 2018 Advanced EDI Training webinars are customized for advanced EDI students. Basic courses are prerequisite for joining advanced lessons. Mail us for more info – email info@ediacademy.com. Read about basic courses Join our webinars! https://ediacademy.com * $250 per session per person. * 20% discount for all sessions (email info@ediacademy.com). Read More →