Volvo Global EDI Invoice

Volvo Global EDI Invoice Basic Guidelines Volvo Global EDI Invoice is an initiative of the joint Automotive Industry and covers all types of EDI invoices and is based on the Edifact message standard. Volvo Global EDI Invoice specification for Non Automotive products (NAP) is a user profile of the Global Invoice subset, called Global Invoice Message Read More →


AS2 EDI Communication Guidelines For Volvo Group Suppliers And Partners AS2 EDI Communication guides will help Volvo Group suppliers and partners successfully pass AS2 set up and testing phase. Signed MDN/Signature/Encryption*  used only in Secure scenario. If you want to use encryption and/or sign, Volvo will need your certificate to encrypt files with and your certificate to verify your signature. Read More →


Volvo EDI Invoice Requirements For Automotive Products (AP) Suppliers Volvo EDI Invoice version for Automotive Products (AP) Suppliers is D03A version (Global standard) of the Edifact INVOIC message. ANSI X12 810 message is used by Volvo suppliers/partners in North America. Global Invoice is an initiative of the joint Automotive Industry and covers all types of EDI invoices Read More →

Volvo EDI

Volvo EDI Non Automotive Products (NAP) Supplier Guidelines Volvo EDI is required for all Volvo Group vendors. Volvo EDI is ideal for small suppliers with few deliveries to Volvo or as an interim solution for suppliers currently unable to use traditional EDI. With this solution vendors log on to a web portal and manually register and administrate the required messages. The Read More →