EANCOM ORDERS (Purchase Order EDI Message) EANCOM ORDERS is an EDI message that contains the details for goods or services ordered under conditions agreed between the seller and the buyer. EANCOM Purchase Order EDI Message refers to Order Messages and is one the most frequently used business transactions. It is recommended that one Purchase Order Read More →


GS1 EANCOM Standard GS1 EANCOM is a subset of the UN/EDIFACT standard (United Nations Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport). EANCOM contains only the message elements required by business applications and mandated by the syntax. Omitted are optional elements not relevant for GS1 users. EANCOM are Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards so that Read More →

Warehouse EDI

B&Q EDI Requirements: Delivery to DC B&Q EDI requirements key points will be useful for vendors to start EDI trading. B&Q will be setting up the interconnection between EDI mailboxes at its VAN operated by OpenText. Vendor will need to set up EDI platform to prepare to receive messages from B&Q mailbox and to transmit to B&Q. Vendor needs to confirm once Read More →

EDI webinar

Best Personal Investment In Unstable Times It’s not a secret, that after COVID-19 the world economy will not be the same. The situation forced us to adapt to new conditions of doing business. Entrepreneurs consolidate resources to shift to new ways of operation. Therefore, the staff has also to accept changes. Going online showed a Read More →