EDI 278 Transaction (Health Care Services Review Information) The EDI 278 transaction, also known as the Health Care Services Review Information transaction, is a standard format used in healthcare EDI to request and communicate information related to the review of healthcare services. It is primarily used in the context of managed care and healthcare service Read More →


EDI 277 Status Request Response transaction for Healthcare The EDI 277 transaction is part of the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards used in healthcare. Specifically, the EDI 277 Status Request Response transaction is used in the healthcare industry to inquire about the status of a healthcare claim. Here’s a breakdown of its components: Purpose: The Read More →

EDI Challenges

Challenges in implementing Electronic Data Interchange Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a standardized method for exchanging business documents and information electronically between organizations. While EDI offers many benefits, such as increased efficiency and reduced errors, it also presents several challenges that organizations need to address. Let’s discuss some common EDI challenges: Complexity of Implementation: Setting up an EDI Read More →

276 Healthcare Claim Status Request

X212 Claim Status Request EDI Transaction The 276 X212 – Claim Status Request transaction is a standardized electronic data interchange transaction used in the healthcare industry, particularly within the United States, for querying the status of healthcare claims. This transaction is part of the ANSI X12 EDI standards, which define the structure and format for exchanging various Read More →