EDI certification

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EDI certification

Credit/Debit Adjustment (812) EDI Transaction Description The Credit/Debit Adjustment (812) identifies and contains the details and amounts covering exceptions, adjustments, credits or debits for goods and services. This transaction is used in conjunction with the other financial transactions to help record and track activities that are occurring within the accounts payable/receivable department. It is not intended to be Read More →

EDI Financial Transactions

VICS Financial Transactions Communication The Financial process encompass invoicing, reconciling of purchase orders to invoices, resolution of discrepancies for goods and services, and payment. The primary financial transaction set used from supplier to buyer is the Invoice (810). Additional transactions used include the Payment Order/Remittance Advice (820), that can be sent from the buyer to supplier with information Read More →

VICS EDI Transactions: Warehousing

EDI Transactions: Warehouse Shipping Order (940) and Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice (947) The Warehouse Shipping Order (940) is used by the depositor (owner of the goods) to provide shipping information to a third party warehouse. The depositor can advise the third party to make a shipment, confirm a shipment, modify, or cancel a previously transmitted Warehouse Shipping Order (940). Read More →