Warehouse EDI

B&Q EDI Requirements: Delivery to DC B&Q EDI requirements key points will be useful for vendors to start EDI trading. B&Q will be setting up the interconnection between EDI mailboxes at its VAN operated by OpenText. Vendor will need to set up EDI platform to prepare to receive messages from B&Q mailbox and to transmit to B&Q. Vendor needs to confirm once Read More →

EDI Implementation Steps

EDI Implementation Steps (Ameritech’s EDI Billing Program) Ameritech’s EDI Billing Program covers nine major phases of EDI implementation. Each phase will be described in our blog posts. Today we start with stages 1 (Preparation and Assessment) and 2 (Payment Requirements). Preparation and Assessment The objective of the EDI Preparation and Assessment phase is to gain an Read More →

EDI acknowledge

EDI Acknowledgment (Ameritech Acknowledgment Processing) EDI Acknowledgment is used as a control mechanism to ensure the successful delivery of EDI documents through telecommunication links. Acknowledgment protocols will be coordinated between the trading partner and the trading partner’s Value-Added Bank (VAB). The 997 transaction set is the most common acknowledgment document and the one recommended by Ameritech. The purpose Read More →

B&Q EDI Transactions

B&Q EDI Transactions Required For Vendors B&Q EDI Transactions (messages) required for delivery to customer must be processed in the correct sequence. Purchase Order/Return Purchase Order Orders will be expressed in eaches Each EDI file will contain one order Changes/cancellation to PO can be sent until ASN is received Sent within minutes of customers placing/amending Read More →

B&Q EDI Trading

B&Q EDI Trading (Dropship to customer) EDI trading is standard procedure in B&Q (Kingfisher Operating Company). This requires vendors who communicate currently via email/fax to transition to electronic trading. Vendors who currently trade electronically to ensure their systems can communicate with B&Q and all the Kingfisher Opcos with which they trade. There are two communication platforms through which Read More →

EDI webinar

Best Personal Investment In Unstable Times It’s not a secret, that after COVID-19 the world economy will not be the same. The situation forced us to adapt to new conditions of doing business. Entrepreneurs consolidate resources to shift to new ways of operation. Therefore, the staff has also to accept changes. Going online showed a Read More →


ORDERS EDIFACT (Purchase Order Message) ORDERS EDIFACT transaction specifies details for goods or services ordered under conditions agreed between the parties (the seller and the buyer). ORDERS EDIFACT message may be used for national and international purposes (field of application). This EDIFACT transaction relates to commerce, administration and transport sections of business. ORDERS EDIFACT Usage Read More →


INVOIC EDIFACT (Invoice EDI Message) INVOIC EDIFACT EDI Transaction claims payment for goods or services supplied under conditions agreed between the parties (the seller and the buyer). Invoice Message serves also as the specification for Debit Note and Credit Note messages. INVOIC EDIFACT message may be used for national and international purposes (field of application). Read More →


DESADV EDIFACT (Despatch Advice Message) DESADV EDIFACT message is used to specify details for goods despatched or ready for despatch under agreed conditions. Despatch Advice may serve both as a specification for Delivery Despatch Advice and also as a Returns Despatch Advice message. DESADV EDIFACT message may be used for national and international purposes (field of Read More →


CUSRES EDIFACT (Customs Response Message) CUSRES EDIFACT message is used to transfer data from a customs administration. The purposes of the Customs Response Message are the following: to acknowledge the receipt of the message to indicate whether the information received is correct or if there are errors (i.e. accepted without errors, accepted with errors, rejected, Read More →