EDI training

Improve efficiency by replacing manual and time-consuming processes Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) can help businesses save costs and improve efficiency by replacing manual and time-consuming processes that require human intervention and materials such as paper documents, meetings and faxes. Expenditure on forms, postage, storage and administrative overhead can be reduced or even eliminated by simply cutting the use of paper. This move of replacing paper-based processes with Read More →

Cutting costs

Cutting costs and paper with electronic transactions in the supply chain In today’s challenging and competitive economy, many companies struggle to survive and grow using paper-based and manual processes such as phones, faxes, emails and post to do business. These methods affect the efficiency of the business, not to mention the challenges they pose for record keeping and reconciliation. Supply chains also rely on a large number Read More →


Barcoding Benefits (Do It Best. Corp) Manufacturers and wholesale operations can also benefit from barcoding. The barcoding of shipping containers (SCC or Shipping Container Code) is gaining popularity in the Hardlines industry. Suppliers are finding ways to expedite receiving and other distribution functions through the use of scanning. Shipping containers may be barcoded so that Read More →

EDI Live Webinars

EDI FUNDAMENTALS AND BEST PRACTICES – DESIGNED FOR ALL INDUSTRIES EDI Academy provides EDI Fundamentals and Best Practices training for all industries including supply chain, retail, manufacturing, finance, and many more. All the webinars are live, instructor-led, and are conducted on a monthly basis. These webinars cover both an overview of EDI, an in-depth understanding Read More →

EDI training

Meet Michael Kotoyan, the instructor and founder of EDI Academy Michael Kotoyan is the instructor and founder of the EDI Academy. He has 22 years of experience in Informational Technology, and most of his career involved Electronic Data Interchange. Michael’s professional areas include Software Development, Project/Program Management, ETL, Integration and Production Support, EDI, Health Care EDI Read More →

EDI education

Fruitful year in EDI Training The year 2021 was fruitful for the EDI Academy and our students as well! We are proud that we gave lots of useful knowledge for our attendees. Many people became certified EDI professionals and got the chance to change their business and workflow for the better. Here are some impressive Read More →

Custom EDI Training

Custom Corporate Training In Electronic Data Interchange The EDI Academy provides corporate training webinars designed to give a foundation of practical knowledge about EDI applications and how they apply to your business. We start with the basics and then focus on issues that are pertinent to your organization. The benefits of utilizing EDI Academy onsite Read More →

EDI Online Training

EDI Online Training Schedule 2022 Available Whether you are new to EDI or have years of experience, EDI Academy has a webinar for everyone.  EDI Academy attendees will be able to join from their remote location while still enjoying the advantages of instructor and classmate interactions. You can choose between Supply-Chain and HIPAA-Health Care EDI courses. Read More →

EDI Platform Selection (Ameritech’s EDI Billing Program) EDI Platform selection phase is only applicable to first time EDI implementations or companies that will use a separate EDI system for their payment processing. The objective of this phase is to evaluate and select the components required to perform EDI transmissions. The major components are an EDI translator and a Communication Read More →

EDI Outsourcing

EDI Outsourcing: Roles and Responsibilities EDI Outsource can be released by several methods. If you operate an in-house EDI system, you deal directly with your trading partners using the traditional EDI method. In an outsourcing scenario, a service provider becomes the ‘middleman’ between you and your trading partners. The service provider (EDI Outsource) understands your trading partners’ EDI guidelines and can handle the Read More →