EDI Data Source (GTIN and GLN Data Exchange) Trading partners preparing to exchange EDI transactions which include GTIN and GLN will need to undertake efforts to exchange GTIN and GLN data to lay the foundation for using GTIN and GLN in EDI transactions. Product Data Determine the appropriate level for the exchange of GTIN information Read More →

EDI errors

EDI Migration Strategy (GTIN and GLN Implementation) EDI Migration Strategy should be defined by trading partners for using GTIN and GLN in transactions. EDI transaction standards support numerous types of identifiers for products and parties/locations, including both GS1 identifiers and Non-GS1 identifiers. Because GTIN and GLN are global identification standards that can be used by all Read More →

Global Data

EDI Terminology: Basic Terms For Usage In order to understand the process of EDI communication more thoroughly we refer to the below listed terms that describe particular elements of EDI transaction. Segment: Segments are what make up an EDI document. Segments consist of data elements that are logically related. The following is an example of the Read More →

EDI Case Study

EDI Case Study: increasing accuracy and making labor reductions using EDI and GS1 standards EDI Case Study shows how keeping a vast logistics network on the same page takes seamless coordination and timely, accurate information. With GS1 standards and EDI implementation Land O’Lakes, Inc. reached higher efficiency in warehousing. Challenge A global agricultural co-operative, Land O’Lakes, Read More →