GLN Allocation

GLN Allocation Rules In general, each organisation assigns GLNs to their physical or digital locations, legal entities, or functions for which that organisation has responsibility (a process known as allocation). There are different rules and best practices for GLN allocation depending on what the GLN is identifying, for example, a physical location, a legal entity, Read More →

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GLNs for physical location marking Specific care should be given to label placement in physical locations. It is recommended to consider these principles when applying physical marking of locations irrespective of the organization type to which the locations belong. Labels should be located to ensure ease of scanning on entry to a room and should Read More →

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GLNs In Supply Chain Operations The healthcare supply chain can be highly complex, particularly with products being able to follow multiple routes between the manufacturer or clinical trial sponsor and a hospital or other healthcare facilities, e.g. clinical trial site. Products can be delivered directly to an operating theatre or pharmacy by a supplier or Read More →

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GTIN EAN/UCC-13 (EAN-13) (Do It Best Corp.) The International Article Numbering System (EAN) is based on the UPC-A standard. This standard was implemented mostly because the UPC-A standard was not well designed for international use. The EAN/UCC-13 may be configured with the first 12 digits containing the EAN.UCC Company Prefix and Item Reference Number. The Read More →