EDI Technical Information

GSA EDI Technical Information (Required EDI Transactions) Inbound EDI (Transactions sent to GSS Global Supply from Vendors) 855: Purchase Order Acknowledgement with three possible types of status: Accept, Backorder or Cancel 856: Advance Ship Notice/Manifest with one possible type of status: Ship 810: Invoice (Full and Partial Amounts) 997: Functional Acknowledgement Outbound EDI (Transactions sent Read More →

EDI Vendors Onboarding

GSA Global Supply Vendors EDI Onboarding Process GSA Vendors EDI Onboarding Process is released via an EDI Gateway for Purchase Order (PO) creation and management services. Vendors must follow a standardized onboarding process to set up a connection to the EDI gateway. The EDI onboarding process starts immediately after a contract is awarded to the vendor. To Read More →

EDI Files Translator

EDI Viewer – Free EDI Files Translator Convert X12 files to a human-readable format online – quick and easy. No special software needed – EDI Viewer works online. Free & Web Based (No Software Install Needed) X12 to human-readable format EDI X12 Raw Data Segments side-by-side with a translated view EDI X12 Loop Structure Access to your files anytime Read More →

GSA EDI Business

GSA EDI Business Transactions Processing GSA Global Supply’s industry direct delivery program meets customer demands by using mature industry delivery systems to lower the total operating costs of the federal supply chain. Any contractor interested in conducting business with GSA Global Supply must understand and adhere to the business rules and requirements as they relate Read More →