EDI AS2 Information Exchange

EANCOM OSTRPT (Order status report message) EANCOM Order status report EDI transaction is used by a seller or seller’s agent to report status information on an order. EANCOM OSTRPT Message may be sent as a reply to an order status enquiry sent by a buyer or buyer’s agent. Also this transaction is used to report Read More →


EANCOM ORDRSP (Purchase Order Response Message) EANCOM ORDRSP (Purchase Order Response Message) is a message sent from a supplier to a buyer, responding to a Purchase Order message or a Purchase Order Change Request. A supplier may respond for one or more goods items or services. The response may be: an acknowledgement of receipt and Read More →


EANCOM ORDCHG (Purchase order change request message) EANCOM ORDCHG is an EDI message specifying details of the buyer’s request to change a Purchase Order. The message is sent from the buyer to the seller. The basic principle for the usage of the message is that a buyer may request to change, or possibly cancel one Read More →


EANCOM ORDERS (Purchase Order EDI Message) EANCOM ORDERS is an EDI message that contains the details for goods or services ordered under conditions agreed between the seller and the buyer. EANCOM Purchase Order EDI Message refers to Order Messages and is one the most frequently used business transactions. It is recommended that one Purchase Order Read More →