Dollar General Shipping

Dollar General Shipping through an LTL carrier (Bills Of Lading requirements) If shipping through an LTL carrier, the vendor must ensure a copy of the packing list/original bill of lading is delivered to Dollar General. The vendor must provide one bill of lading per destination DC that references all purchase orders, SKU detail, and shipped Read More →

EDI Bill Of Lading

Dollar General Bills Of Lading And Packing Lists Preparation Dollar General requires the carrier or vendor to provide a legible bill of lading consigning a shipment to the proper Dollar General destination for each shipment. Complete and accurate bill of lading and packing list information is critical for productive and accurate receipt of product at Read More →

Vendor EDI guides

Dollar General Backhaul Process Guidelines When possible, Dollar General arranges pickup of FOB shipments via Dollar General trailers. Dollar General has fitted its trailer fleet with slider lift gates to support a more efficient store delivery process. These lift-gate trailers will also have E-Track devices installed inside the trailers, which should not interfere with loading. Read More →

Dollar General Packaging

Dollar General Unit Specifications (Pallet or multiple case assemblies) Containers with square footprints should be avoided. Packaging should be designed with dimension that will fit on a 48”(L) x 40”(W) pallet with no overhang and minimal under hang while providing a center of gravity and footprint size that will provide for a stable load for Read More →