Dollar General Packaging

Dollar General Vendor Packaging Requirements And Guidelines General Dollar General receives a wide variety of products which it then distributes in mixed formats to each of its stores. It is not possible to specify every possible circumstance. Therefore, DG are requesting that packaging be engineered to comply with ISTA Series 3 procedures as a universal standard. Read More →

EDI training

Dollar General Gold System Purchase Order Guides New Core vendors in the process of implementing EDI with Dollar General will receive Purchase Orders via email in PDF format instead of paper copies mailed by a courier service. Vendors will acknowledge receipt of PO by responding with “Rec” in the subject line of the email within 48 Read More →

EDI certification

Vendor-Neutral EDI Training And Certification: May 2024  EDI Academy has been providing Electronic Data Interchange for more than 15 years. It elevates the adoption of EDI and opens new job opportunities for those who became EDI Academy Certified Professionals.  👉 15 years on the market 👉 10 000+ attendees 👉 12 training classes  👉 EDI Certification Read More →

Dollar General EDI

Dollar General Receiving Problems With EDI Transactions Dollar General performs quality checks on every item. To maintain product flow and accurate payment of invoices, all products must conform to purchase order agreements and the vendor requirements. Failure to do so will result in a charge back to the vendor. When problems arise that prevent receipt Read More →