EDI transactions

Product Activity Data (852) Transaction Description The Product Activity Data (EDI 852) is another standard electronic data interchange (EDI) transaction set used by businesses to communicate detailed information about product activity. This transaction is especially useful in supply chain management, retail, and manufacturing industries where tracking product performance, sales, and inventory movement is essential for Read More →

Inventory Inquiry/Advice (846)

VICS EDI Transaction – Inventory Inquiry/Advice (846) The Inventory Inquiry/Advice (EDI 846) is a standard electronic data interchange (EDI) transaction set used in the business world to communicate inventory information between trading partners. It is particularly common in industries like retail, manufacturing, and distribution where accurate and timely inventory data is crucial. The Inventory Inquiry/Advice Read More →

Price/Sales Catalog (832)

Price/Sales Catalog (832) Transaction Description The Price/Sales Catalog (832) is sent from a supplier to a buyer in order to furnish a buyer with information regarding products available from that supplier. It is not a one-time response to a buyer’s request for information, unlike the Response to Request for Quotation (843). It is intended to serve as an Read More →

EDI Planning Schedule

Planning Schedule With Release Capability (830) Transaction Description The Planning Schedule With Release Capability (830) provides the supplier with a buyer’s forecasted quantities for their product line. The starting and ending dates for the forecast are used to describe when products are needed by the buyer, rather than when sales are made to the consumer. Forecasts may be Read More →