Bill of Lading

Bill of Lading Requirements (Gordmans Domestic Shipments) Vendor should combine same day shipments with single or multiple purchase orders for Gordmans departments on one master Bill of Ladings (BOL). The BOL must include: Vendor name, address, and zip code. Vendor Bill of Lading #. PO # (for multiple POs shipping on one BOL, list each PO on Read More →

Shipping Guidelines

Gordmans Shipping Guidelines: Carton Requirements Carton markings are only required on one side, preferred placement on the lower right of the long side. Make sure the style number(s) stand out for efficient sorting by using large and/or bold font. Professional or college team orders must have the team name on outside of carton. Use standard Read More →

EDI Label

EDI Label Placement/Quality Guidelines (Gordmans) Each carton is required to have one GS1-128 label. Labels must be placed on the longest side of the carton in the lower right hand corner. For cartons with equal width and length dimensions, the longest side of the carton is considered to be the panel which runs parallel to Read More →

Pack By Store EDI Order

Gordmans Pack By Store EDI Orders Guides Pack By Store Orders Shipped to DC Carton Packaging and Size Requirements are the Same as Bulk Orders with some exception. The packing list and/or 856 EDI-ASN must match shipment exactly and tickets sent in advance correctly applied to merchandise. Incorrect packing list information can cause delays in Read More →

EDI Shipping

Carton Packaging and Size Requirements (Gordmans) EDI approved vendors are required to use UCC-128/GSI-128 label and place on lower right of longest end of cartons. Bulk Orders Shipped to DC Pack each style separately by size and color. Make sure each carton contains merchandise for one purchase order only. Each item’s cartons must have the Read More →

EDI Labeling

SRI Labeling Requirements For EDI Approved Vendors Every carton being shipped to the Omaha DC should have a compliant GS1-128 (formerly UCC-128) label. Please follow the GS1 US specifications when producing the GS1-128 label. GS1 (formerly the Uniform Code Council) is the global standards’ authority for item (UPC /EAN) and logistical numbering. In addition to Read More →


SRI EDI UPC Catalog Requirements SRI currently supports the GXS catalog. SRI prefers trading partners to provide accurate, updated UPC data via the GXS Catalog. Updated information should be sent electronically (832) to GXS a minimum of 10 days before market. Once you have assigned size ranges and communicated your UPC’s to GXS, then size Read More →

856 ASN Standards

SRI (Gordmans) 856 ASN Standards GXS is SRI’s only Value Added Network  for all inbound and outbound files. The following information is required: Your name and address SRI Purchase Order Number The number of cartons in your shipment by Purchase Order and shipment total Total weight of the shipment The freight Carrier The exact quantity in Read More →

Gordmans EDI 850

Gordmans EDI 850 Purchase Order Standards By implementing EDI standards and technologies, Gordmans can expedite the movement of merchandise through the supply chain insuring a smooth flow from trading partners to the selling floor, better management of inventories, increased sales and enhanced customer service. Find below EDI 850 Purchase Order guides. All vendors must respond to the 850 Read More →

EDI 810 Invoice

EDI 810 Invoice Standards At Gordmans EDI 810 Invoice must be sent within 24 hours of shipment pickup from vendor’s warehouse. Gordmans require the following information on the EDI 810 Invoice: Your name and address Your invoice number Gordmans Purchase Order Number Total weight of the shipment The freight Carrier The exact quantity in units by style, Read More →