edi for grocery business

Topco EDI Invoice – Grocery Products Invoice – Received From Vendors (Version 004010UCS) Topco EDI Invoice can only be processes once. Subsequent receipt of the same Topco EDI Invoice will error out in Topco’s accounting system as a duplicate and will not be processed. Therefore, Topco EDI Invoice with errors should not be corrected and Read More →

grocery EDI transactions

Grocery EDI Transactions: Industry Specifics For Electronic Documents The difference between grocery EDI transactions and all-industry EDI transactions appeared due to development of electronic data interchange standards. EDI standardization became more sophisticated and therefore grocery industry required some peculiarities to be added to the electronic data interchange standards. This influenced the appearance of 875, 876 and Read More →


EDI Files Structure: Header and Trailer Segments EDI Files Structure is given today regarding to Delhaize EDI documents that are sent from one to another business partners. EDI Files Structure description will cover the explanation of Header and Trailer Segments of an EDI file. EDI transmissions can contain a single document or multiple documents, commonly referred Read More →

EDI 860

Delhaze EDI Requirements: Transport and Problem Handling Delhaze EDI Requirements listed and described below refer to all partners working (and those who are going to work) with Delhaze America via EDI. EDI is a form of paperless communication, is a storage and retrieval communication process. EDI allows to transfer hundreds of business documents (purchase orders, invoices, remittance advice, etc.) that Read More →