HL7 Message Notes HL7 Message definition and description were already mentioned in our previous posts. Today we continue to speak about HL7 Message structure. There is a standard HL7 Message notation that is used to document the structure of an HL7 message. This notation consists of 5 rules: All messages start with an MSH Segment Read More →

HL7 standard

HL7 Standard Description HL7 standard is an abbreviation of “Health Level Seven” where “Level Seven” refers to the Seventh OSI layer protocol for the healthcare environment. The 7 OSI levels or layers are: Level 7: Application Layer Level 6: Presentation Layer Level 5: Session Layer Level 4: Transport Layer Level 3: Network Layer Level 2: Read More →


Clearing house and it’s role in Healthcare EDI Communication Clearing house is a third party service provider. It takes non-EDI data and translates them to EDI data. Clearing house can also translate EDI to EDI. This is done by taking the received raw data, massaging and scrubbing it. Then data are sent to another document. Clearinghouse can also Read More →