Test EDI files  Submission and Validation Guides The process of submitting test EDI files  varies based on the selected platform and the implementation method. During EDI implementation, you will log a ticket to the ON24/7 application that includes the following information: Tracking/Reference number Number of claims submitted Time and date of submission Submitter ID Line of Business Read More →

Emdeon EDI Testing

Emdeon EDI Testing and Certification Overview Emdeon EDI Testing consists of submitting EDI claims, validating the EDI data, and certifying multiple electronic transmissions. Emdeon EDI Certification for a new implementation requires the successful submission of 100 test EDI claims with a validation percentage that meets or exceeds 95%. Emdeon EDI Certification for a conversion project begins Read More →

Emdeon EDI

Emdeon EDI Enrollment Process Steps Emdeon EDI Enrollment is required to set up your system with access to the payers and transactions you need. This may include both Emdeon EDI Setup and Payer Registration. After completing your Emdeon EDI Enrollment, you may continue to Payer Enrollment. Emdeon provides the payer enrollment forms and manages the Read More →

Emdeon Clearinghouse EDI

Emdeon Clearinghouse EDI Program Guidelines Emdeon Clearinghouse EDI program connects providers, payers and other health care partners using computers and communications networks or modems and ordinary phone lines. It allows you to send and receive vital healthcare information electronically. Information is sent from your billing or practice management system to an Emdeon Clearinghouse EDI network where it is verified for Read More →

Affinity Health Plan EDI

Affinity Health Plan EDI Reports via Emdeon Clearinghouse Affinity Health Plan EDI reports are available to Affinity Health Plan EDI partners from Emdeon to reconcile the claim submissions, and identify rejected claims for correction and re-submission. The basic types of Affinity Health Plan EDI reports sent via Emdeon Clearinghouse are given below. Affinity Health Plan EDI Read More →


Affinity Health Plan EDI Claim Submission Requirements and Guidelines Affinity Health Plan EDI Claim information, unique to Affinity Health Plan claims, must be provided and properly formatted in the EDI file. The guidelines given in this blog and the previous one must be carefully studied by the partners before sending EDI claims to Affinity Health Plan.  Affinity Health Read More →

Affinity Health Plan EDI

Affinity Health Plan EDI General Information Affinity Health Plan EDI claims submitting information given below regard the partners sending claims for the first time and those who are participating in the Affinity provider network. Notes listed below must be taken into account. Modify the tables in your billing system to include your Billing NPI and Rendering NPI on Affinity Read More →


Ingham Health Plan EDI Claim Forms Guidelines Ingham Health Plan EDI Claims should be sent directly to Emdeon (Ingham Health Plan clearinghouse). In order to to participate in electronic claims submission partnership with Ingham Health Plan your party must be a customer of  Emdeon. Also your party can send Ingham Health Plan EDI Claims using the service of any Read More →