Security of EDI Messages

Security of EDI Messages (Hella EDI Supplier Program) Security of EDI messages procedures and measures for the verification of origin and the verification of integrity, in order, to identify the sender of any EDI message and to ascertain that any EDI message received is complete and has not been corrupted, are mandatory for any EDI message. The parties undertake Read More →

HELLA Group Invoice

HELLA Group Invoice Supplier Guides HELLA Group Invoice must be sent to the department for incoming invoices of HELLA Group or (if designated in the order) to the billing address of HELLA Group. HELLA Group Invoice shall correspond to the respective country’s national legislation, particularly in terms of tax-based requirements. The invoice shall contain the following information Read More →

EDI Messages Recording

EDI Messages Recording And Storage (Operational requirements for Hella EDI Suppliers) EDI Messages Recording And Storage (a complete and chronological record of all EDI messages exchanged by the parties in the course of a trade transaction and the transmission log files)  shall be applied by each party, unaltered and securely, in accordance with the time limits and specifications prescribed by Read More →

EDI Messages

EDI Messages Processing And Acknowledgement of Receipt (Hella Group Supplier EDI Integration) EDI Messages shall be processed as soon as possible after receipt, but in any event, within the time limits. The protocol acknowledgment (e.g. the End-to-End Response EERP) is always used unless otherwise agreed. Any higher level acknowledgement of receipt should be exchanged according to the specific Read More →