EDI trainings

Hibbet 856 ASN Requirements And Procedures Hibbet 856 ASN must be always accurate as merchandise will move through the Hibbett DC directly from the inbound truck via a sortation / conveyor system (AKA cross dock) on to the outbound store delivery truck. Vendors must follow the requirements set by Hibbet EDI Program as for Hibbet 856 ASN: Read More →

EDI Certification

EDI Certification Guidelines For Hibbett Vendors EDI Certification is intended to eliminate all paper media by trading business documents electronically. Hibbett is committed to the use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI Certification) for the purpose of exchanging electronic documents. EDI Certification requires compliance in the following areas: PURCHASE ORDER (850) ADVANCED SHIP NOTICE (856) INVOICE (810) GS1-128 (FORMERLY Read More →

Hibbett EDI

Hibbett EDI Vendor Basic Policies Hibbett EDI Vendor program means a total commitment to industry-wide technologies that utilize electronic commerce, including universal product code (upc), electronic data interchange (edi) and internet technologies. Through the use of Hibbett EDI Vendor program vendors and retail divisions will realize speed in processing, improved accuracy of data, significant sales increases, cost reductions, stock turn increases Read More →