GS1 Information Sharing

GS1 Information Sharing Standards With GS1 Standards as the common language of business, trading partners can seamlessly share information to support data synchronization, as well as the exchange of transactional and physical event data about products moving through the supply chain. Master data: The Global Data Synchronization NetworkTM (GDSN®) enables immediate electronic sharing of standardized, up-to-date product data, Read More →

GS1 Healthcare Standards

GS1 Healthcare Standards (Identification) The widespread use of GS1 Standards has revolutionized efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness in a range of industries. Recognizing the impact that industry-wide adoption of a common language can have, GS1 Healthcare US® is committed to helping the industry improve efficiency and quality for lower costs, more streamlined care delivery, and better Read More →


BWS EDI Claim Administrator-specific Match Data Elements BWS EDI Claim Administrator FEIN (DN0187) must be in a valid format & belong to a valid, PA-registered, Third Party Administrator or a PA-licensed Insurer. Insurers who are not registered to administrate on behalf of another Insurer should not have their FEIN in this field if their FEIN is not also Read More →

EDI Information

EDI Information and Data Reporting Guidelines (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania) For Date of Injury, if the employee or other relevant individual providing the data is uncertain about the exact date, use the earliest date about which there is some degree of certainty or the date that you received notice of the accident, whichever is earlier. For Read More →

EDI Reporting Rules

EDI Reporting Rules (BWC – Commonwealth of Pennsylvania) BWC uses IAIABC Claims Release 3.0 standards for all EDI submissions. Data format must be in compliance with the standard data format described in the Systems Rules. Required BWC requires the electronic submission of injury reports as part of its EDI Implementation. For all data and information Read More →

EDI Claims Implementation

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania EDI  Claims Implementation EDI Claims Release provides the electronic transfer of comprehensive injury data and gives significant benefits for Trading Partners and stakeholders. Data submitted through EDI transactions will be integrated with the Workers’ Compensation Automation and Integration System (WCAIS). The WCAIS system provides the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with the technology to efficiently Read More →

Florida Health X12 834

Florida Health Care Plan X12 834 Transaction FHCP processes the ASC X12 834 transaction for Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance. These 834 brief mapping guidelines help FHCP trading partners to supplement the 834 TR3. It briefly describes the global data content, business rules, and characteristics of the 834 transaction. All Segments. Only loops, segments, and data elements valid for Read More →


ASC X12 (Accredited Standards Committee X12): Uniform Standards For Global EDI ASC X12 was chartered by the Accredited Standards Committee X12 to join North American companies using Electronic Data Interchange under common inter-industry standards. Today ASC X12 standards are supported by approximately half million companies using EDI transactions around the world. ASC X12 is closely Read More →

Reduce EDI Errors

Case Study: GS1 Standards Reduce EDI Errors (Seton Family of Hospitals and BD) Seton Family of Hospitals (Ascension Health) manages pricing & product information for 445 locations. In past transactions between Seton Family of Hospitals and BD, both parties were identified with proprietary numbers: Seton Family of Hospitals with a BD-assigned SAP “Ship to” number Read More →

Ship to-Mark PO

EDI Direct Ship Orders And “Ship to Mark for” Orders A Purchase Order (850) may be an original, or it may be an update or confirmation of one already communicated to the seller or broker. It may also be used to express distribution requirements for receiving location(s), such as a Direct Ship Order. Direct Ship Read More →