HIPAA Claims

Non-Standard Claims Converted to Standard Claims (HealthLink) If the HealthLink Document Control Number (DCN) begins with an “E”, HealthLink received the claim electronically from a provider. If the HealthLink DCN starts with any other character, the claim was received on paper (or manually). Professional and institutional claims which can be scanned and via imaging made Read More →

EDI training for healthcare

Perfect Order For Improved Patient Care (Mercy Health Case Study) Three years after instituting the Perfect Order program between BD and ROi/Mercy, EDI utilisation remains high and error rates remain very low. In December 2015, 97.64 percent of BD products purchased by ROi/Mercy were via EDI and 96.46 percent of the line items were “touchless,” accounting for some items that Read More →

EDI training

Implementing “Perfect Order” at Mercy Health via EDI and GS1 Standards When ROi/Mercy and BD first began working to establish the perfect order, both companies worked to ensure that every BD product had an established GTIN for every item in Mercy’s item master at each unit of measure. Today, ROi/Mercy leverages these GTINs when ordering, picking and shipping BD products throughout Mercy. Where Read More →

Non-Clean Claim

Non-Clean Claim (Louisiana Healthcare Connections) A non-clean claim is defined as a submitted claim that requires further investigation or development beyond the information contained in the claim. The errors or omissions in the claim may result in: A request for additional information from the provider or other external sources to resolve or correct data omitted Read More →