GS1 HIPAA training

Recommendations for implementation of the GS1 rules and standards in healthcare industry. Step-by-step guide Before engaging in any implementation of GS1 standards in healthcare, GS1 MOs and healthcare industry stakeholders should consider what opportunities exist for their organisation to better serve existing users or trading partners as well as how to expand the use of GS1 standards in this sector. Read More →

EDI implementation

EDI implementation drivers in healthcare: GS1 Guides Drivers for the implementation of EDI in healthcare may vary between markets as a result of internal and external factors. However, they generally fall into the following categories according to GS1 guidelines: Helping to ensure quality of care Meeting regulatory or trading partner requirements Facilitating product traceability Increasing supply chain efficiency and Read More →

EDI certification training

The CGS Medicare list of the TOP 10 EDI Claim Edits during claims submission Most claims that hit the CGS ACE pre-adjudication editing process are not forwarded to the claims processing system. If a claim receives a Smart Edit, review the information, decide if updates are needed or not, and resubmit it for processing.   To Read More →

EDI healthcare

EDI In Data governance and Master Data Management EDI practices are of paramount importance in maintaining accurate and consistent healthcare data for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions. As healthcare systems rely heavily on data exchange to ensure efficient operations and patient care, data accuracy, integrity, and consistency become critical components. Let’s explore the significance of Read More →