Electronic Remittance Advice

Electronic Remittance Advice Transaction An electronic RA is available by using the X12 835 transaction as mandated under HIPAA. The 835 transaction is available to all OHCA providers and contracted trading partners that have requested electronic RAs. The 835 is a financial transaction that functions as an electronic means of posting accounts receivable. The 835 Read More →

Remittance Advice

Remittance Advice (RA) (Oklahoma Healthcare Authority) OHCA providers receive a weekly remittance advice (RA) for any claims submitted the previous week. The RA identifies claims that are paid, denied, in process or adjusted. The RA includes the client ID number, the provider number, the Internal Control Number (ICN) of the claim processed, the date(s) of Read More →

Medicaid Electronic Payments

Medicaid Electronic Payments Via SoonerCare The provider has two (2) primary methods of receiving payment from SoonerCare: system-generated checks and electronic funds transfer (EFT). These payments, along with the remittance advice, are produced during the financial cycle. The remittance advice, which details each provider’s claims and financial transaction activity during the period, is made available to Read More →

Non-Clean Claim

Non-Clean Claim (Louisiana Healthcare Connections) A non-clean claim is defined as a submitted claim that requires further investigation or development beyond the information contained in the claim. The errors or omissions in the claim may result in: A request for additional information from the provider or other external sources to resolve or correct data omitted Read More →